Doing Cardio The 2 Types Of Cardio Workouts That Burn Fat

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Cardio workouts is it low intensity or high intensity cardio to burn fat?

You can go to most any gym and see people on the machines doing 30 -40 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercise.

Then go online and you hear all about high intensity cardio and how it is so much better to burn fat. So which is it? Let's take a look at high and low intensity cardio workouts how to do each, what effects on fat loss each has and what about combining the two?

Doing cardio to burn body fat is a given (along with a clean diet plan).

But how do you choose between high or low intensity cardio workouts?

And which burns fat the fastest?

Let's take alook at both and then talk about combining both for the best approach to fat loss with your cardio workouts.

There a couple different approaches in doing cardio to burn body fat.

Some people recommend you do "low intensity" cardio for long stretches at a time to burn body fat.

The thought process is that you need to train at a moderate intensity to get your heart rate to the target zone to burn body fat. It has been argued that if you get your heart rate too high, you will begin to burn carbohydrates instead of body fat.

Some people argue that high intensity cardio will allow you to burn more total calories in your cardio workout. Creating a "calorie deficit", by burning more calories than what you take in, is another great way to lose body fat. Let's compare the two different approaches in detail.

The Low Intensity Cardio Workout

This is the cardio workout that is currently being pushed by the mainstream. This cardio workout is often used due to the great results it gets.

Low intensity cardio is very effective at targetting body fat for energy instead of just burning calories in the body. If the body burns fat for energy, you will lose body fat. It just makes sense.

Most of the cardio equipment these days comes with a heart
rate display. This is the best way to make sure that you reach the correct intensity level to burn body fat.

In about 10 minutes of low intensity cardio, you will reach your target heart rate. It is suggested to stay within that zone for at least 30 minutes for good results.

The High Intensity Cardio Approach

This form of cardio is used much less than low intensity cardio.

Training at a high intensity level can be tough, since you have to push yourself pretty hard. This cardio method gets great results as well.

High intensity cardio will burn a lot more calories than low intensity versions, since it gets your heart rate to a much higher level.

The calories burned are a mix of fat calories along with carbohydrate calories stored in the body. The idea behind focusing on burning calories in your workout is to burn more calories than what you consume each day.

Creating a calorie deficit, by burning more calories than what you eat, will allow you to lose body fat.

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